Sarab Singh Oberoi


311 involving the Youth - Public Safety

District 7 City Youth Council

311 involving the Youth

The myla311 is an app created by our local district. It is where anyone can send in a picture or description of a broken powerline, couch on the street, or anything they view as the city's responsibility to be corrected or removed, helping keep our district clean and safe. Our idea was to focus on how the city can reduce the long wait periods on the phone and be more accessible to the newer generation. We presented that introducing and demonstrating the myla311 app features to schools, teachers, supervisors, and their students is an opportunity to be captured—explaining myla311 within the school curriculum by someone well-versed in teaching the younger kids on how to use the app. The benefits of teaching middle school and high school students using the myla311 app could be exponential. Not only would they be able to report things they see, but it is also a moment of maturity for many of the students in receiving phone devices. The younger kids would also help spread the word of the myla311 app to their parents and friends and find newer digital ways to keep the city in touch with their constituents while the city continues to educate itself.